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The Purpose and the Goal

“BE WELL” is an exercise and weight management program designed for those at moderate and high nutrition risk (as measured by the Nutrition Screening Initiative) with chronic diseases. The intensive program is delivered over a 10 month period.


The Participants

“BE WELL” serves those age 60+ who are at moderate to high nutritional risk with chronic conditions such as hypertension (76-87% of participants), obesity (51-68% of participants), diabetes (28-30% of participants), hyperlipidemia/cardio vascular disease (40-90% of participants), mild depression, as well as arthritis (21 %) and osteoporosis (5%). Research indicates that increased exercise reduces osteoporosis and falls.


The Goals

•  To help improve self-management of your health

•  To reduce hospitalizations

•  To improve quality of life and well being

•  To help you to remain independent


The Program

32 Module Intensive Phase - offered weekly or twice a week, 3 hours per session:

 •  1 hour of exercise taught by fitness instructors

 •  One hour nutrition education, medication management, or

                 behavior therapy

 •  Training modules taught by registered dietitians,  therapists,

     and psychologists

 •  Adult orientated curriculum with personal workbook .


Follow Up / Maintenance Phase - offered once a week to provide exercise, nutrition and health education support groups to maintain and improve progress and outcomes.


Measured Outcomes

Testing is done at enrollment. Weight, number of steps walked and attendance are documented weekly. The following measured at base line and program completion: Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Weight, Body Mass Index, Medications, Nutrition Risk Score, Depression Risk, Waist/Hip Ratio,  Senior Fitness Testing,  Laboratory Values for Blood Lipids, HgA1c and Blood Glucose (for clients with diabetes mellitus), Complete Blood Count, and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel are obtained from the client’s physician at baseline and upon completion of the program or more often, as available.


Documented Success

“Be Well” has demonstrated remarkable outcomes with the first pilot programs:

  • Reduced Nutrition Risk Scores (Initial 5.7 to final 4.3 )

  • Medication reduction (Initial 7.7 to final 6.3)

  • Significant reduction in Depression Scale (PHQ-9 z=2.35;p=.017) (Beck Inventory

        z=3.13; p=.002)

  • Reduced Body Mass Index (31.8 kg/m2 to 30.5 kg/ms2)

  • Significant improvement in Diastolic Blood Pressure (80 mm Hg to 74 mm Hg)

  • Trending improvement in Systolic Blood Pressure (136 mm Hg to 127 mm Hg)

  • Average steps per day improved from 2,920 to 4,265

  • Improved hydration significantly

  • Improved HgA1c lab (up to 100% of clients with Diabetes)

  • Improved cholesterol and other lipid levels significantly

  • Improved Senior Fitness Test scores in every program

  • Reduction in falls and fear of falling


To apply:

1.   Must be 60+ and meet admission criteria.

2.   Nutrition Risk Score above 5 and/or

3.   Have chronic conditions: i.e. diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, overweight,

       high blood lipids, mild depression.

4.   Sign a medical release for lab reports and testing.

5.  Acceptance may be limited due to space available.


For any service: Email  or call 818.755.0023

Published Articles

Jacobs Journal of Physiotherapy and Exercise, 2016   Click Here

Journal of Applied Gerontology, Oct 2013 vol.32 no.7   Click Here

        A Balanced Exercise and Weight Management

         Program for clients (ages 60+ years and older)



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"An Evidenced- Based Exercise & Weight Management Program for Older Adults."





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